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PLOS’ biological science journals cover a broad range of topics, from animal biology and plant science to genetic engineering, immunology, and microbiology. Read some of the latest and most talked about research from across our portfolio.

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The travel speeds of large animals are limited by their heat-dissipation capacities, PLOS Biology

Tracking calcium dynamics from individual neurons in behaving animals, PLOS Computational Biology

Botany and Plant Science

Save the planet with green industries using algae, PLOS Biology

Air pollution in the places of Betula pendula growth and development changes the physicochemical properties and the main allergen content of its pollen, PLOS ONE

Cell & Developmental Biology

Bendless is essential for PINK1-Park mediated Mitofusin degradation under mitochondrial stress caused by loss of LRPPRC, PLOS Genetics

Candida albicans selection for human commensalism results in substantial within-host diversity without decreasing fitness for invasive disease, PLOS Biology


CpG dinucleotide enrichment in the influenza A virus genome as a live attenuated vaccine development strategy, PLOS Pathogens

Imputed genomes and haplotype-based analyses of the Picts of early medieval Scotland reveal fine-scale relatedness between Iron Age, early medieval and the modern people of the UK, PLOS Genetics


Associations between fetal or infancy pet exposure and food allergies: The Japan Environment and Children’s Study, PLOS ONE

Atlas of the anatomical localization of atypical chemokine receptors in healthy mice, PLOS Biology


Coinfections in the lung: How viral infection creates a favorable environment for bacterial and fungal infections, PLOS Pathogens

Gut microbiota interspecies interactions shape the response of Clostridioides difficile to clinically relevant antibiotics, PLOS Biology

Molecular Biology

Using AlphaFold to predict the impact of single mutations on protein stability and function, PLOS Biology

The anti-immune dengue subgenomic flaviviral RNA is present in vesicles in mosquito saliva and is associated with increased infectivity, PLOS Pathogens

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PLOS BiologyPLOS GeneticsPLOS PathogensPLOS Computational Biology

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